Your Right To Be Represented 

The Association is the exclusive representative for the teachers, counselors, and nurses in our district.

What are those situations in which you may want or need representation? 

You have the right to be represented by the Association when:

 • An administrator calls a conference with you and you have reason to believe that you will be subjected to reprimand or disciplinary action. 

• You receive an unsatisfactory evaluation rating. 

• You have a Grievance or a Certificated Complaint. You are entitled to Association representation at every step of the process, including the informal conference. The earlier you get help the more effective it may be. 

• A meeting has been arranged to resolve a complaint about you.


Important Note: 

An employee always has the right to halt any conference already in progress with any administrator if the conference becomes disciplinary in nature, and may demand postponement for a reasonable amount of time to obtain representation. If you need to be represented, contact your Association Faculty Rep or the Association office.